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  Our Values are Core to Everything We Do.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to help people thrive in their working environment through the application of psychology. This means helping people be more fulfilled in their work, as well as more effective and productive.

Our Values:


This means taking a critical view when framing problems and considering potential solutions. It means questioning assumptions wherever we find them, including our own. It means not being complacent. It means continually challenging the status quo. We do not simply accept the existing approach unquestioningly. Nor do we follow the latest fashion without having first applied due scepticism.


We focus on creating positive change and delivering results. Efficient, well-run organisations are inherently more sustainable. Commercial success is necessary to fund good quality public services.


This means using models and tools that actually work and are supported by research. Ideally, evidence is based on a body of research, meta-analysis and randomised controlled trials (rather than isolated, poorly designed studies).


This means: taking into account the well-being of clients (as well as the general public), providing informed consent as well as adhering to relevant legislation. We comply with the Ethical Guidelines of the British Psychological Society.


We are regulated by the Health & Care Professions Council which is an independent body to which you can report a complaint or seek redress. As Chartered members of the British Psychological Society we adhere to their Code of Practice and Guidelines.

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