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Excellent mental health and well-being is essential to a well run organisation.

What we offer.

Provide a picture of the current state of your organisation with regard to mental health, with which we can discuss with you a strategy for improving well-being.

Carry out initial screening diagnostics for a range of conditions.

Measure well-being at an individual and organisational level.

If necessary, recommend professional counsellors or clinical psychologists to help your team members.

Mental health is not a problem just for individuals. We will work with you to review the systematic conditions and context within your organisation which create or inhibit the climate for well-being and make recommendations for improvements.

The Benefits.

The primary reason for taking mental health seriously is a moral and ethical one. As an employer you have a duty of care for the physical and emotional well-being of your staff.

Having said that, from a commercial perspective, poor mental health is one of the biggest reasons for low productivity. So doing the right thing and creating an environment where mental health problems are minimised can produce the added benefit of improving performance.

Going beyond relieving problems, we can work with you to create a genuinely positive environment where people feel they can flourish. The sense of thriving itself will boost performance and innovation.

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