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Psychology Means Business: We apply psychology to a range of practical business issues: effectively, rigorously and ethically.

Career Coaching

Do you want to grow further within your current organization? Seek greener fields elsewhere? Change career? Re-build your career? Develop transferable skills in a new sector? We offer in-depth coaching to help you clarify and achieve your goals.
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Promote Mental Health & Wellbeing

A environment where people feel they can flourish is vital to the success of any organization. We offer diagnostic tools and interventions to promote excellent mental health and wellbeing.
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Promote Innovation & Entrepreurship

We offer support to help you create a culture of innovation that will enable you to introduce new products and services and boost productivity. We also provide insight and development for entrepreneurs.
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Apply Psychology to Sales & Negotiation

We assess sales teams to identify strengths and weaknesses and provide development and coaching. We also run training courses and provide coaching in the important area of negotiation.
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Apply Psychology to Problem Solving and Decision Making

Individual and group problem-solving and decision making are critical to everything that happens in an organization at every level. We provide training and coaching to help people become more aware of their natural biases, to help overcome them and become more effective.
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Develop Leadership Skills

We help leaders acquire greater insight into their strengths and capabilities using in-depth interviews and assessments. We then work with them to develop their skills either through coaching or interactive training.
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Design the Customer Experience and User Interface

Using cognitive psychology, we can help you understand your customers' perceptions and use that information to shape the design of your products, processes and systems.
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Optimise Marketing

Understanding consumer behaviour is a key component of developing a marketing strategy. Harnessing consumer psychology and behavioural science, we can work with you to create insight, develop a marketing strategy and deliver effective interventions.
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Apply the Science of Assessment to Recruitment and Talent Management

Occupational Psychology is at the heart of the objective approach to selecting the right people to join a team. We can work with you to design and deliver rigorous and fair assessments to help you choose the best team members.
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Shape Corporate Culture

We design and deliver tools to measure culture and initiatives to help instil core values, whether the goal is to, for example increase engagement, improve safety, change risk-taking, or promote innovation. Read More

Boost Performance and Productivity

We provide consultancy and assessment tools to help improve individual and organizational productivity using a wide range of approaches from leadership to mental health.
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